The Costs of Malware

The costs of malware on a business can be mild to staggering, and that’s what Lewis Pope and Jim Hauer spoke to our club about this week.

Club member Leon McKoy’s program this week had Jim, owner of HCS Tech, Harnett County’s own top-notch computer service business, and Lewis, who works at HCS Tech specializing in computer system security talking to us about malware and how to watch out for it, as well as protect against it.

Lewis spoke to us about the dangers of viruses and malware, concentrating his remarks to the different types of malware and how it can effect a business, or individual. He talked about how malware can be introduced to a computer by opening an attachment in an email, or by doing so on a website that may seem trustworthy, but on closer inspection, is not.

He also spoke about ransomware and how difficult it is to recover from this sort of scheme, and password theft and its financial implications.

HCS Tech has offerings to help businesses avoid and recover from such devastating events – the investment could well be worth the investment.

(pictured left to right: Jim Hauer, Leon McKoy and Lewis Pope)

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