Harnett Health’s Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson, President of Harnett Health
President Karen Kratz thanks Kevin for bringing club members up-to-date on Harnett Health.

President Karen Kratz thanks Kevin for bringing club members up-to-date on Harnett Health.

Harnett Health Hospital has had is fair share of troubles; struggling at a loss of about one-million dollars a month for the past few years. But now, under the leadership of Kevin Jackson, a former administrator of Cape Fear Valley Hospital, the hospital turned a corner this summer by breaking even in July. And August is looking like they will make a bit of a profit. No small feat for a rural hospital like Harnett Health Systems.

Mr. Jackson spoke to our club about this turn-around for the hospital, and listed some of the improvements, along with new upcoming services, some of which have already been conditionally approved on a Certificate of Need (CON).

  • Service has improved (according a recent study)
  • Services have grown
  • They have brought in GI (Gastro-Intestinal) services
  • The Emergency Department is almost as busy as the larger Betsy Johnson Hospital in nearby Dunn
  • A CON for a cardiac catheter lab has been applied for, and has been conditionally approved, and is expected to start this fall – cardiologists are in place already
  • Medical oncology is being brought in, along with the radiology element
  • They will be opening operating rooms again this fall to include orthopedics and general surgery as services grow
  • They are looking into certifying as a stroke center
  • Telemedicine may be in the works
  • A residency program has been worked out with Campbell University, with students starting residencies next year

About Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson served as Interim President of Harnett Health from Oct. 15, 2015 until May of 2016 when he accepted the position of President of Harnett Health Systems. Mr. Teddy Byrd (Chairman) and the Harnett Health Board of Directors were unanimous in their selection of Kevin.

Kevin has previously served as Vice President of Post Acute Services at Cape Fear Valley Health and has had the responsibility for operations at three hospitals: Highsmith-Rainey Specialty Hospital, a 112-bed long-term acute care hospital; Cape Fear Valley Rehabilitation Center, a 78-bed physical rehabilitation hospital; and Behavioral Health Care, a 32-bed psychiatric hospital.

Kevin joined Cape Fear Valley Health in 1988 and during his tenure has served as Interim President of Bladen Healthcare, Interim Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Support Services and Director of Management Engineering.

Kevin received his master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill; his master’s degree in Business Administration from Campbell University and his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University.

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Lillington Chamber’s Nancy Guy

Nancy Guy has been at the helm of the Lillington Chamber of Commerce for better than five years. In that time she has been a progressive leader, bringing the Chamber up-to-date with a very interactive website, Facebook page, large events, small events, learning seminars and much, much more.

Tonight she spoke to our club about the roll of the Chamber in our community. The Chamber

  • Provides resources
  • Provides places for meetings, weddings, and helps to find caterers for events
  • Lists rental properties
  • Provides county information
  • Works with Harnett County Economic Development to enhance business opportunities on Lillington
  • Has travel information in the office
  • Has a winery guide available to the public
  • Provides ways to save money with local businesses
  • Hosts Lunch & Learn seminars every month
  • And Nancy helps to coordinate all of this.

Tonight we learned that Nancy will be leaving her position at the Chamber for a new job with nearby Campbell University. She’s leaving some pretty big shoes to fill, but she will be helping the Chamber out as much as possible in the interim.


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Unemployment Insurance

20160616_192255This evening our speaker was Betsy McCormick who works for the NC Division of Employment Security out of Dunn as an appeals referee.

Betsy told us that the division was designed to help people who have lost their job through no fault of their own, and have been actively seeking employment without success.

The mission of the DESC is to administer the unemployment system in the state—delivering competent, consistent, and quality service to employers and claimants with a focus on the first fifteen days of an unemployment claim and the first fifteen minutes of a phone call; constantly seek improvement in efficiencies and customer service and nourish an environment of creative thinking and demand quality in all services without compromise.

Betsy gave us some insight on the history of the DESC, starting in the 1920′s when the federal government started unemployment security. She told us how the division is funded (by employers paying a tax), and how today’s “GIG” economy is creating fewer possible demands on the system.

Betsy is married to Duncan McCormick, who is the son of club member, Ed McCormick. Betsy and Duncan met at Campbell Law School.

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